5 July 2024

As we wrap up the incredible journey of the SOMIRO Project, it’s time to reflect on the remarkable achievements and the collaborative spirit that made it all possible. Our final meeting, hosted by IMDEA Networks Institute, was a testament to the dedication and expertise of everyone involved.

The SOMIRO Project has been a beacon of innovation, pushing the boundaries of robotics and sensor technology to new heights. Our mission to develop a milli-robot with solar panels, soft actuators, and advanced sensor arrays has been realized, thanks to the relentless efforts of our consortium.

A special thanks to:

Professor Klas Hjort, our Project Coordinator from Uppsala University. His leadership and commitment have been the cornerstone of our success. His ability to inspire and guide the team has been truly remarkable.

Isella Vicini, our Project Manager from Warrant Hub – Tinexta Group. Her planning, organizational skills, and constant support ensured that every milestone was precisely met. Her efforts have been instrumental in keeping the project on track and fostering a collaborative environment.

Domenico Giustiniano from IMDEA Networks Institute for hosting the final step of SOMIRO and for the continuous effort you put into it. His support and hospitality provided the perfect setting to conclude our project on a high note.

During the final meeting, we reflected on the key highlights of our journey:

  • Innovative Swimming Tests: Herbert Shea from EPFL showcased the swimming tests performed on the SOMIRO milli-robot. The integration of soft actuators and control circuits was validated, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Ultra-Flexible Solar Panels: Christoph Putz from JKU reported on the development of high power-per-weight photovoltaics modules and multilayer capacitors. These components were tested on both rigid and soft PCBs, validating their operation and stability in various environments.
  • Advanced Sensor Module: Hugo Nguyen from Uppsala University presented a sensor module capable of measuring multiple chemical parameters and temperature, promising significant advancements in precision agriculture.
  • Effective Communication & Dissemination: Sara Attanà and Marta Bragagnolo from Warrant Hub detailed the comprehensive project management, communication and dissemination activities, ensuring our achievements reached a wide audience.
  • Innovative Communication Technologies: Javier Talavante from IMDEA reported on visible light backscattering communication, highlighting its dual role in harvesting light and receiving modulated light from the hub.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this journey. Your efforts have paved the way for new advancements in robotics and sensor technology, and we are excited to see the impact of our work unfold.