26 July 2022

On a very hot day in the past few weeks, we visited one of the end-users of SOMIRO: The Circle. The Circle plants are located in the Roman countryside, a place rich in history where still today some of the oldest oils and wines in the world are grown and where vegetable gardens and cultivated fields are everywhere the eyes go.

We then met Valerio Ciotola, Co-Founder and CEO of The Circle, inside the company’s factories and we were told what his company specifically does about him and above all what he hopes to achieve from SOMIRO’s developments. The plants of this end-user reuse 90% of the water used in the entire distribution circle and for this reason being able to filter it is only a small part of the necessary control operations. Being able to count on a tool that keeps the waters monitored in real time, every day, is of paramount importance.

Let’s find out more in the video!